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Unique design, convenient for doctors to carry out, in the bumpy road vehicles can also be detected.

Size: Length 25.5cm x Width 23.0cm x Height 33.0cm
         Weight: about 6.0KG

Built-in centrifuge, no sample pretreatment, to facilitate the operation of the inspectors,                      
more convenient to the blood of the newborns to detect.

Sample size: 2 to 3 drops of whole blood, about 0.1 ml (100 μl)

Disc combinations are different, the detection time is different, up to no more than 15 minutes,
for the diagnosis and treatment to provide strong support to reduce customer waiting time and improve customer satisfaction.

Detection of the whole time: 10 minutes or so

Built-in quality control system in each test before the equipment, reagent plate and specimen for a complete inspection,                       
and throughout the detection process for real-time monitoring, to ensure maximum detection accuracy.
Built-in real-time automatic quality control system (RQC)

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