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On-line Transformer Desludging and Oil Regeneration Plant

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At CEE DEE VACUUM EQUIPMENT PVT LTD, we believe in maintaining the highest quality standards in every aspect of manufacturing products.

This is why we rely on the best technology when it comes to “ON-LINE, ON-LOAD” Transformer oil treatment equipment.

Regeneration of transformer oil in the transformer tank is technically superior and more cost effective than the alternative procedure which involves draining, flushing and refilling.

In the latter, the acidic oil is removed from the insulation material which leads to contamination of the replaced oil.

The regenerated oil matches all the specifications and parameters of unused oil, thus saving its consumption. This system allows the refining medium to be re-activated 250-300 times before a recharge is required, thereby ensuring maximum output from minimum input. The m/c output oil quality has been standardised by IEEE, Std 637-1985 (R2007) and is globally referred as the standard reclamation technology.

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