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Teleport Multi-ECG

Support applications for remote online ECG monitoring, Holter and Event ECG monitoring, Rest ECG, Stress ECG.

Very small size and low weight (42gr).

Built-in Li-ionen battery up to 2 days of continuous operation.

The built-in high resolution accelerometer with up to 8000 Hz sampling rate delivers detailed
and very detailed and precise activity and position information.

Bluetooth Class 1 with EDR allows wireless communication with computer and mobile devices.

USB 2.0
Integrated USB interface for quick and easy data download.

Cloud Service
Online data exchange will keep you in touch with your patients.

On Board Storage
Built-in 2 GB internal memory stories up to 2 days ECG data.

Wireless Live Streaming
Connect the Multi-ECG to any mobile device or computer and watch the ECG in real- time
for on your screen with up to 12 channels in parallel.

Water Proof
The recorder casing is water resistant and patients can take showers during ECG Holter recordings or exercise. Complete water-proof systems for swimmers and divers are available on request

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