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Technical specifications

  • One or two-door design
  • Horizontally opening door
  • Heating by means of heating steam, Reindampf or electrically

Standard equipment

  • Frame, front panel, chamber and all media-contacting fixed pipes made of stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Glass door in heat-insulating double glazing with securized glass
  • Door drive via toothed belt
  • Glass panel with integrated 5.7 "color touch screen on the loading side
  • Large remaining display and door switch on the unloading side
  • Automatic side tipping of the floor grate for better drainage of the water
  • Hinged grate for cleaning
  • Vertical built-in, oscillating washer nozzles
  • Secospeed: Drying optimization
  • Large circulation pump for a stable high pressure and a constant high volume flow
  • Sanicirc: low-noise and fast-discharging ducting
  • PLC control (B & R) with MMM smart HMI
  • PPV system for online process parameter verification
  • LED chamber lighting with status colors

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