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These are the medium to large-sized versions of BOD Incubators with similar application of growth & storage of bacterial cultures, gentle incubation & conditioning and Media Preparation.

Walk-In Incubators are ideal for incubation of micro-organisms, eggs, etc to cater to mass-scale production of vaccines & other drug products.

While Humidity is not a parameter to be controlled or measured in a Walk-In Incubator, it is important that there is no loss of humidity in the chamber since it can lead to cracks in the media.

The design team at NEWTRONIC ensure that our Walk-In Incubators are designed to fit into such key requirements perfectly well.

They are supplied at customer-site in a knock-down condition & can pass through standard sized doorways. They are assembled on-site. The installation & commissioning is accompanied with IQ, OQ, PQ protocols & complete documentation.

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